How can i configure my word press site with push zone ?

You can use w3 total cache plugin and there you can enter the ftp details provided by us.

 How do I access my Push Zone?

We will provide you ftp access to push files on Push zone.

 How often do Push Zones get synced to edges?

Sync gets started as soon as you update any file on Push zone. Though it might take some seconds...

 What are your edge servers located?

We currently have 14 Edge ServersUS :- Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles , SeattleEurope :-...

 What is Push Zone ??

A Push Zone is where user will upload the files manually. Our push zones are globally available ....

 What will happen if I exhaust my bandwidth.

We will disable the cdn in case you exhaust your monthly bandwidth limit. But you can always...

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